Components and duration


Kick-off weeks

In the first weeks of the program you gain an overview of Greiner’s business sectors. At the same time, there is the opportunity to establish contacts with specialists and management. During visits to our plants you will get to know the Greiner world first hand.

Off-the-job training

As participant you will take part in various training programs within the Greiner Academy. Additionally, you will attend further training programs and specialised training on an individual basis, as required and agreed.

Buddy System

To help you settle in you form a buddy tandem with another (former) participant.

In this way, you can share your experiences and gain valuable tips from colleagues who are more advanced in the GPP or who have already completed it.

On-the-job training

During the program you go through various placements – from projects with a strong focus on operations to selected strategic duties. The use of “real-life” projects provides strong references to daily business and real challenges for your GPP assignments.

Multidimensional orientation and job rotation

The aim is that you get to know Greiner as holistically as possible – in difference countries, cultures, departments and business sectors. This means that you gain a multilayered insight into core processes, sites, and products and you build a company-wide network.


Feedback from the project supervisor and program manager

Regular feedback meetings and a reflection meeting at the end of each placement are important building blocks to ensure that you can fully develop professionally and personally.