What people say

What (former) participants say about GPP

“After gaining first experience in a growing company, I wanted to prove myself in a large, sustainable and innovative company in a further step. Greiner clearly meets these criteria and offers an exciting Digitization/IT trainee program in this regard. I am currently participating in this program and completing the second of a total of four stages. The stages themselves offer a lot of variety, as you work in different companies in different teams on different projects. I can recommend this program to anyone who is not yet 100% sure in which area he or she would like to work in future. In addition, you are given the freedom and responsibility to realize your projects and you also get the time to find out what you really would like to do.”

Fabian Hable

Participant 2020-2022, GPP – Digitization & IT

„After my studies, I knew I wanted to work within an IT and digitization department, but what I didn´t really know was which specific area I was most interested in. In this regard the IT GPP was an excellent opportunity because it gives me the opportunity to get to know many different IT areas. During my first placement in the Greiner AG Blue IT Applications Team, I gained knowledge in developing a digital strategy, IT benchmarking, IoT related topics, technology trends and implementing a devops-tool. In addition I had the chance to attend workshops at the Greiner Academy.  At my second placement in the Global IT of Greiner Packaging International, I am currently part of the SAP Applications Team and working on different SAP projects. I am curious about the next placements.“

Katharina Brandmair

Participant 2019-2021, GPP – Digitization & IT

“As a plastics technician, the trainee programme provided me an insight into the various research fields within Greiner. For my first placement in Greiner aerospace’s R&D department, I dealt with the use of fibre composites for an innovative seat cushion structure. For Greiner Bio-One’s research, I am currently investigating barrier properties for blood collection tubes. Alongside the technical challenges, I find the exchanges at company-wide R&D meetings, such as connect.innovation, particularly interesting.”

Matthias Eckerstorfer

Participant 2016-2018, GPP – International Business

“I already knew during my studies that I wanted to work in the field of IT at an international company in order to be able to drive new technologies forward there. The GPP Digitization & IT enabled me to put my knowledge of E-Learning and media technology and design into practice. During my trainee stations at Greiner Blue IT (Greiner Headquarter), Greiner Packaging International, Greiner Bio-One and NEVEON, I was able to share my existing knowledge, find out the requirements of the divisions and implement a new tool for the creation of interactive online courses. It was a great challenge, which motivated me a lot and through which I grew personally as well as professionally.”

Lisa Attenberger

Participant 2019-2021, GPP – Digitization & IT

“Thanks to the broad scope of my degree course in international management I am interested in many Greiner departments. My first placement in project management at Greiner Extrusion allowed me to gain experience related to company foundations in Asia and Europe and to assume responsibility in financial planning and documentation. My second placement with Greiner Assistec brought me to Mexico, where I assist with the introduction of HR processes and market research, and develop my Spanish skills. Additionally, the seminars at the Greiner Academy give me the opportunity to deepen my specialist knowledge and to meet colleagues from all divisions and sectors.”

Lisa-Maria Redl

Participant 2017-2019, GPP – International Business

Matthias Eckerstorfer

Participant 2016-2018, talking about his time at Greiner