The program at a glance

The Greiner Professional Program (GPP) is an internal Greiner program designed to give young professionals the opportunity to get to know Greiner as a company as a whole and to develop their individual strengths. On the other hand, as part of our active career management, we also offer career changers the opportunity to change careers.

We have summarized the most important stages of the GPP for you here.


Kick-off week

During the starting week of the Greiner Professional Program (GPP), you will receive an overview of Greiner’s divisions and have the opportunity to establish contacts with stakeholders, experts and managers from various departments. In the course of plant tours and company presentations, you will get to know Greiner up close together with your GPP colleagues.

Buddy system and networking

To help you settle in more quickly at Greiner and benefit from the experience of other trainees, you will be supported by your buddy, a GPP participant from a previous round. You maintain your trainee network individually within the framework of joint training sessions and trainee meetings.


Feedback and coaching

Feedback and coaching from your deploying station manager, internal subject matter experts, and program management are also part of the GPP. Regular feedback, professional coaching and a reflection meeting at the end of the trainee station ensure that you are supported in your personal and professional development.

On-the-job training

In the course of the program, you will complete various work placements in the three divisions of Greiner and Greiner AG. You will work on operational issues, lead your own (sub-)projects or support selected strategic issues – depending on the GPP training branch and your individual focus.

Off-the-job training

As a GPP participant, you will complete various training courses at the Greiner Academy with a focus on personal development and working methods. You expand – depending on individual needs, interest and training branch – your know-how in internal and external professional trainings and courses (including certifications).


Learn more about the individual elements and program flow of the GPP programs here.