Greiner is growing and looking for people just like you!

The next turn will start in September 2022. Currently, only initial applications are possible.

Trainees at Greiner - become one as well (video)

GPP in a nutshell

After successfully completing your education you are ready to launch your career. You are motivated, curious and forward-thinking. You impress with your vision and want to make an active contribution to business success.

Greiner is growing and looking for people just like you!

You would like to become a future specialist in the field of International Business or Information Technology? Greiner is the place for you! Be part of one of our professional training programs:

  • GPP – International Business
  • GPP – Digitization & IT

Choose the path that most closely matches your education and your interests!

In the course of Greiner’s Professional Program we offer you the possibility to acquire experience at international locations, completing assignments in “real-life” projects and participating in day-to-day business operations, all within the space of 18 months. After completing the program, you will be able to carry out more specialized tasks independently. Progression into a first management position is possible in the medium term.

The next turn of our Greiner Professional Program will start soon – we look forward to your initial application.

Greiner offers an international & diverse environment

Greiner is one of the leading companies in the plastic and foam industry. Diversification, innovation and globalization characterize the success of Greiner. Greiner is active in the packaging, furniture and automotive industries, in the medical technology and life science sectors, as well as in profile extrusion.

World Map with Greiner locations